Renesas CCE4503 Evaluation Kit V3

The CCE4503-EVAL-V3 evaluation board is designed to evaluate and demonstrate the CCE4503 IO-Link Device Transceiver.

The CCE4503 is an easy-to-use device side IO-Link compliant transceiver. It combines IO-Link compliant communication capability with advanced protection circuitry and additional features while keeping the application small and simple.

  • Renesas Arm Cortex-M33 μC RA4M2
  • Programmable via SWD and USB
  • Reset Button
  • Power and User LED indicator
  • Renesas 8 Kbit EEPROM
  • Additional on-board protection circuitry
  • CCE4503 3.3V IO-Link Device Transceiver
  • M12 connector + terminal blocks for IO-Link interface
  • HS3001 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • SLG46826V GreenPAK (configured as LED driver)
  • All pins accessible via pin-headers for microcontroller and IO-Link Device Transceiver
  • Independent use of sections
  • IO-Link demonstration Software Stack from