Communication Library

Port und Device Configuration Tool – das human interface zum IO-Link®.

IO-Link Masters von IQ2 Development can be programmatically managed using Communication Libraries. The libraries are provided as Source code and can be compiled according to used Operating System or integrated in Customer Application.

Master Mode (iqLink and iqInterface):
works as IO-Link Master

  • Configuring IO-Link Master parameter
  • Reading/Writing Process Data
  • Reading/Writing On-Request Data
  • Handling Events
  • Reading/Writing BLOB
  • Firmware update für IO-Link Device

Device mode (iqInterface only):
works as Generic Device

  • In Generic Device mode the device can be fully controlled from external application
  • Configure Generic Device with different IO-Link settings, such as process data, baudrate, etc.
  • Add ISDU parameters
  • Generate Events

Direct mode (iqInterface only)

  • Direct mode can be used to transfer a block of bytes without interpretation from Master to Device
  • Three speeds are supported: COM1 (4.8 kBps), COM2 (38.4 kBps), COM3 (230.4 kBps)

Some functionalities are chargeable or required the newest versions of HW firmware. More information will be provided by request.